How to deploy a VMware Aria Operations (SaaS) Cloud Proxy in Microsoft Azure
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How to deploy a VMware Aria Operations (SaaS) Cloud Proxy in Microsoft Azure


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VMware Aria Suite


This article provides steps on deploying a VMware Aria Operations (SaaS) (formerly known as vRealize Operations Cloud) Cloud Proxy in Microsoft Azure.


  1. Log into your VMware Aria Operations (SaaS) instance and navigate to the Data Sources > Cloud Proxy page, then click New.
  2. In Add Cloud Proxy page, select Target Location as Microsoft Azure, then on step 1, click the button to open the Azure Instance URL.
Note: Sign into your Azure account if prompted.
  1. Click the Get It Now button in the Azure Marketplace page, then click Continue in the popup box.
  2. Click Create from the image page.
  3. Input all VM details and customization options on the Create a virtual machine page.
    • Select size as per requirement 
      • Small cloud proxy - D2s_v3 (2 vcpus, 8 GB Memory)
      • Standard cloud proxy - E4s_v3 (4 vcpus, 32 GB Memory) 
    • In the Advanced tab, copy and paste the Custom Data from step 4 of the Microsoft Azure Target location on the Add Cloud Proxy page of VMware Aria Operations (SaaS).
Note: Required ports are enabled in the image by default.
  1. Click Review + Create and confirm the information before clicking Create.
It will take a few minutes for the Cloud Proxy to display in the Data Sources > Cloud Proxies page of VMware Aria Operations (SaaS) once the VM is deployed and powered up.  

Note: Use serial console to connect with cloud proxy.

Additional Information

Known issue: User details which we provide at the time of VM creation are not working.
Workaround: Connect using the root user with default password as vmware in serial console.  You will be prompted to reset the password after first login.