"Exception occurred in install precheck phase" while patching to vCenter Server 7.0 U2
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"Exception occurred in install precheck phase" while patching to vCenter Server 7.0 U2


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VMware vCenter Server


To be able to patch the vCenter Server.

  • Patching to vCenter Server 7.0 U2 version fails with "Exception occurred in install precheck phase" or any patch failures which might occur before RPM installation.Exception occurred in install precheck phase
  • When checking for updates in the VAMI, the following error message appears: "Package discrepency error. Cannot resume!" 


VMware vCenter Server 7.0.2


During the staging phase of update cycle, not all files required for update are downloaded just in time and the race conditions which will lead to overwriting of certain files essential for the patch process.


This issue is resolved in VMware vCenter release 7.0 U3c.


Please follow the below steps to apply the workaround:

Note: Follow the below steps only when the patch is failed before RPM installation.

  1. Take a snapshot of the VC, login into putty/ssh session to VC
  2. Download the script KB_83145_PatchCleanupScript.sh from the attachment section in the KB to the root folder of the VC.
  3. Provide executable permissions to the script, run the command:
chmod +x KB_83145_PatchCleanupScript.sh
  1. Run the script using the command:
  1. Once the script execution is complete, Go to VAMI page using url https://<VC_IP or VC_FQDN>:5480 enter the root credentials.
  1. Click on Update > Check Updates, select the target update from the list.
    • Note: Wait for the updates to load, do not click on refresh.
  2. Proceed with upgrade by clicking on  "Stage" or "Stage and Install".


KB_83145_PatchCleanupScript get_app