How to Get Support for VMware vSphere Bitfusion
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How to Get Support for VMware vSphere Bitfusion


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This article describes how to engage VMware Technical Support for technical assistance with VMware vSphere Bitfusion.

Important Notes:

  • Service Request Routing is based on the product you select.  For the quickest service, ensure that "VMware vSphere Bitfusion 2.x" is selected as the product when opening your request.
  • The Issue Type for all VMware vSphere Bitfusion cases should be filed under "Virtual Machine Management" for initial scoping.
  • Currently, VMware vSphere Bitfusion support is English-Only.


All technical support requests for VMware vSphere Bitfusion should be initiated via the Customer Connect web portal.

1. Log in to the Customer Connect web portal with a user that is entitled to support for VMware vSphere Bitfusion

2. Click on the Get Support Link:

3. Click on the Technical Support button:

4. Fill out the description field by fully describing your problem

5.  Click on the Add Product button and enter Bitfusion in the search field:

6. Make sure that VMware vSphere Bitfusion is checked and click on the ADD PRODUCT(s) button

7. Set the appropriate Primary Product Support Level and the Severity of the issue from the drop-down menus

8. From the Issue Type drop-down menu select Virtual Machine Management:

9. You can attach any required logs, screenshots, etc. by dragging and dropping them into the provided area, and click next.

10. Follow the on-screen prompts to verify and adjust contact information and preferences.

11. Click on the Submit Button to submit your support request.