vRealize Operations 7.0 Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool Usage
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vRealize Operations 7.0 Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool Usage


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If you are currently leveraging any of the discontinued or disabled metrics in your existing content such as reports, alerts, dashboards etc., the vRealize Operations Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool can help you scan your content for these metrics and provide you recommended replacements in form of a pre-upgrade assessment report. This website provides you all these recommended replacements for the content (such as Metrics, Properties, Dashboards, Alerts etc.) which have been discontinued / disabled with vRealize Operations 7.0. You can use these recommendations to make appropriate changes to the content post upgrade to vRealize Operation 7.0.

For other versions of vRealize operations, see vRealize Operations Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tools (67311).


VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.4.x
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.3.x
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.5.x
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.7.x
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.6.x


To find out what user content may be impacted by the metric reduction, run the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool before upgrading to vRealize Operations Manager 7.0.
  1. Download the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool available at VMware Downloads.
  2. Log in to the primary node vRealize Operations Manager Administrator interface of your cluster at https://master-node-FQDN-or-IP-address/admin.
  3. Click Software Update in the left panel.
  4. Click Install a Software Update in the main panel.
  5. Follow the steps in the wizard to locate and install your PAK file.
Note: Check Install the PAK file even if it is already installed.
  1. Install the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool.
  2. Wait for the software update to complete.
Note: If a cluster fails and the status changes to offline during the installation process of a PAK file update then some nodes become unavailable. To fix this, you can access the Administrator interface and manually take the cluster offline and click Finish Installation to continue the installation process.
  1. Navigate to the Support > Support Bundles tab.
  2. Download the light support bundle that was generated from the installation of the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool.
  3. In the downloaded support bundle, open the cluster_timestamp_nodeaddress/nodeaddress_timestamp_nodeaddress/apuat-data/report/index.html file.
  4. A list of all potentially impacted user content is displayed in the Impacted Components Summary page.
Note: Clicking an impacted metric will take you to the vRealize Operations 6.7/7.0 Discontinued/Disabled Content and Replacement Recommendations page which will display a replacement metric if applicable.

The content on this page is subject to change.

Additional Information

For more information on using the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment tool, see the Running the vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool.

For more information on metric changes in vRealize Operations Manager 7.0, see vRealize Operations 6.7/7.0 Discontinued/Disabled Content and Replacement Recommendations.

For more information on sizing the vRealize Operations Manager cluster, see the vRealize Operations Manager Sizing Guidelines.

For a walkthrough video on how to run the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment tool, watch the VMware vROPs 6 7 Upgrade Assessment Tool.

For an overview about the latest features of vRealize Operations and technical videos and guides, visit the vRealize Operations Upgrade Center.

If you ran the vRealize Operations Manager Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool when you upgraded to vRealize Operations Manager 6.7, you may skip this step when you upgrade from vRealize Operations Manager 6.7 to vRealize Operations Manager 7.0.