vSAN host extended configuration status
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vSAN host extended configuration status


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VMware vSAN


This article explains the Cluster Health – vSAN host extended configuration status check in the vSAN Health Service and provides details on why it might report an error.


VMware vSAN 6.7.x
VMware vSAN 8.0.x
VMware vSAN 7.0.x


What does the Cluster Health – vSAN host extended configuration status check do?

This health check validates if vSAN advanced configurations of hosts in this cluster are consistent with that of the cluster.

Advanced configurations include:

  • Object repair timer: This determines how long vSAN should wait before repairing absent components. This is measured in minutes. 
  • Site read locality: In a Stretched Cluster, whether the data is read locally or across the cluster. This could be used in low latency vSAN Stretched Clusters/2-node configurations to improve the read performance.
  • Customized vswap (vSWP) object: This indicates that whether the vSAN storage policy of vSWP objects can be customized.
  • Large scale cluster support: Determines whether the vSAN cluster can support more than 32 nodes, this setting may require host reboots once enabled.
Note: As of version 7.0U3 and higher "Large Cluster Support" is enabled by default so you will no longer see this in the Advanced settings.

What does it mean when it is in an error state and how to fix?

If this check fails, it means that there are inconsistent advanced configurations on hosts within the cluster. The table included in this health check will report the host with the issues, and with some remediation recommendations.
If a mismatch is reported in the check result, the user may click the Remediate inconsistent configuration button to run the cluster configuration remediation action to fix hosts which have inconsistent advanced configurations. After remediation, the mismatched configuration should disappear.

For example:

In the case of the large scale cluster configuration, a reboot is recommended to apply the setting.