vSAN Health Service - Hardware Compatibility - Disk Group Type Check
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vSAN Health Service - Hardware Compatibility - Disk Group Type Check


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VMware vSAN


This health check verifies whether the disk group configuration, all-flash or hybrid, is compatible with the storage I/O controller and the ESXi version used in the vSAN environment. If the controller is on the VMware vSAN hardware compatibility list and passes appropriate controller checks, the Disk Group Type check further verifies that the disk group type in use for the controller is on the list of supported vSAN configurations.

When the controller fails the hardware compatibility check, Disk Group Type also fails. If the disk group type for the controller is not on the supported vSAN configuration list, the vSAN environment might be at risk.


If this test fails, update the HCL DB (JSON file). It is possible that the supported vSAN configuration value in the current release of the controller was recently added to the VCG.

To get the controller info in use by vSAN run the following command esxcli vsan debug controller list -v true, then you can use this info to look up the controller on the vSAN HCL

If you cannot determine storage I/O controller information, contact VMware Support. For more information, see How to file a Support Request in Customer Connect.

For more information on collecting VMware vSAN logs, see Collecting vSAN support logs and uploading to VMware (2072796).

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