Installing async drivers in ESXi using VMware Update Manager
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Installing async drivers in ESXi using VMware Update Manager


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VMware vSphere ESXi


Instructions on how to install async drivers in ESXi using VMware Update Manager


  • Async drivers are developed by third-party vendors and are subjected to VMware certification. Third-party vendors provide recommendations/suggestions to upgrade their drivers/firmware for specific versions of ESXi/ESX. Therefore, VMware does not include these async drivers automatically in Update Manager.
  • Device firmware is supplied directly by the hardware vendor. To acquire firmware upgrade software, best practices and any other guidance related to device firmware, contact your hardware vendor.
To install the async drivers using Update Manager:


  1. Extract the contents of the async driver zip file.
  2. Identify the file(s).
  3. From vCenter Server, go to Home > Update Manager.
  4. Click the Patch Repository tab.
  5. Click the Import Patches link at the top right of the screen.
  6. Click Finish. The async driver is added to the patch repository.
  7. Create a Host Extension baseline and remediate the ESXi host. For more information, see the Installing and Administering VMware vSphere Update Manager Guide.

    Note: The Update Manager automatically restarts the ESXi host after the remediation is complete.

Note: Using the esxcli software vib install -v /path/to/vib command is the only way revert to an inbox driver after updating to an async driver. In this case, the -n option does not work as the inbox driver does not associate to a depot.

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