Adding additional storage to a node in vRealize Operations
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Adding additional storage to a node in vRealize Operations


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VMware Aria Suite


This article provides steps to add additional storage capacity to the vRealize Operations nodes.
Each node has a Logical Volume that grows over time, potentially requiring additional disk space.

Note: If this article does not resolve your issue, see Troubleshooting Storage Issues in vRealize Operations (83239).

You may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • The vRealize Operations Product UI login page displays the message:
Data Retriever is not initialized yet. Please wait...
  • The vRealize Operations cluster is offline.
  • The Admin UI displays a message under the Cluster Status stating:
Cluster was shut down because one or more nodes were out of disk space.
  • The oldest historical metric data is missing for multiple objects.
  • Metric collections have stopped and only current metric data is visible for multiple objects; current metric data is not saved.
  • The /storage/db logical volume on one or more Analytic node is close to or greater than 90% usage.
  • The web interface is still unavailable 1 hour after rebooting the Aria Operations appliance.


VMware vRealize Operations 8.0.x
VMware vRealize Operations 8.2.x
VMware vRealize Operations 8.3.x
VMware vRealize Operations 8.1.x
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 7.5.x
VMware vRealize Operations 8.x
VMware vRealize Operations Manager 7.0.x


In most cases, the vRealize Operations cluster has automatically been taken offline. If the cluster is not offline, log into the Admin UI as admin and click the Take Offline button to take the cluster offline.
Do not proceed unless the cluster is offline.

Note: All analytic nodes must have the same amount of space in the /storage/db logical volume.

Only perform the following steps on Analytic nodes (Primary, Primary Replica, Data).

To add more disk space to a vRealize Operations vApp Analytic node:
  1. Ensure the vRealize Operations cluster is Offline, then log into the VMware vSphere client as an administrator.
  2. Right-click the desired vRealize Operations node and click Power > Shut Down Guest OS.
  3. Right-click the powered off node and click Edit Settings.
  4. Click the Hardware tab and click Add.
Note: Do NOT expand an existing disk.
  1. Click Hard Disk and click Next.
  2. Select Create a new virtual disk and click Next.
  3. Set Disk Size to an appropriate value.
  1. Select a disk provisioning format, if applicable.
Note: When possible, select the Thick Provision Eager Zeroed option.
  1. Select a location to store the disk and click Next.
  2. Accept the default Virtual Device Node and click Next.
  3. Review the information and click Finish.
  4. Click OK. The new storage is now added to the node.
  5. Right-click the node and click Power On.
  6. Repeats steps 1-13 on all other analytic nodes.
Note: All analytic nodes must have the same amount of space in the /storage/db logical volume.
  1. Log into the Admin UI as admin and click the Bring Online button to bring the cluster online.
The node discovers the additional storage and adds it to the /storage/db logical volume automatically during boot.

Additional Information

For more information about sizing the vRealize Operations cluster, see the vRealize Operations Sizing Guidelines.