Network cards not detected on an ESXi host
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Network cards not detected on an ESXi host


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VMware vSphere ESXi


When you add a new a network card to your ESXi host you experience these symptoms:
  • The new network card is not detected by the ESXi host
  • The new network card is not listed when you run the command:
    esxcfg-nics -l
  • The cards may be seen on the hardware side, like iDRAC or iLO, but not in ESXi.
Note: This issue can occur on previously used network cards after an ESXi upgrade.


Sometimes after an ESXi upgrade or after putting in a new card, the NICs are not recognized by the ESXi host. This is usually due to the drivers/firmware of the adapter being incompatible or needing an update. Make sure all hardware is supported with correct cables and connectors.


This issue can occur after adding a new NIC or replacing a NIC on your ESXi/ESX hosts. Contact the hardware vendor in order for the ESXi host to recognize the NICs again.

Start by checking the firmware and hardware compatibility with the hardware vendor. After updating the firmware, to troubleshoot NIC issues further:

  1. To determine if the hardware is seeing the new NIC devices, run the command:

    lspci -v | grep -A1 -i ethernet
Note: If this command sees the NICs, but the esxcli network nic list command does not, the NICs still are not presented to the ESXi host. Contact the hardware vendor and follow the next steps.
  1. Check the driver used for the NIC is up to date: Determining Network/Storage firmware and driver version in ESXi
  2. Update network NIC driver per the Hardware Compatibility List: How to download and install async drivers in ESXi 
  3. Check that the NIC is not listed as a pass through device. Check Passthrough for a Network Device on a Host
  4. Check ESXi logs (vmkernel, vobd, or var/log/boot) for possible clues on why the NIC did not load for ESXi. 
Note: A hardware vendor may have a specific process or script that must be run to update or install a driver/firmware. Follow the hardware vendor's recommendations for installation.

Additional Information

FAQ: Recommendation for Driver/Firmware
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