Reverting to a previous version of ESXi 6.x, 7.x, and 8.0
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Reverting to a previous version of ESXi 6.x, 7.x, and 8.0


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VMware vSphere ESXi


You can revert to a previous version or build of ESXi using the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).


VMware vSphere ESXi 8.0
VMware vSphere ESXi 7.0.0
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0
VMware ESXi 6.0.x


Process to revert to a previous version of ESXi:

Video Tutorial to revert to a previous version of ESXi:

Steps to revert to a previous version of ESXi:

To revert to a previous version of ESXi follow the steps below:
  • Back up your configuration data before making any changes. For more information, see Backing up and restoring ESXi configuration using the vSphere Command-Line Interface and vSphere PowerCLI (2042141).
  • Reverting to a previous build does not revert the tools-light vib version installed on the ESXI host
  • Reverting an ESXi host is only valid if the host was updated using these methods:
    • VIB installation or removal
    • Profile installation or removal
    • ESXi host update using VMware Update Manager
    • Updated from a ISO
  • Reverting to an earlier version is not possible after upgrading to ESXi 7.0 due to partition changes to the boot device.
Note: To use an earlier version of ESXi after upgrading to version 7.0, you must create a backup of the boot device before the upgrade or reinstall the desired version.
  • Rolling from ESXi 8.0 to 7.0 is acceptable, as there are no partition changes between the two versions.
  1. In the console screen of the ESXi host, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to see the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) screen.
  2. Press F12 to view the shutdown options for the ESXi host.
  3. Press F11 to reboot.
  4. When the Hypervisor progress bar starts loading, press Shift+R (This must be done while the bar is loading, and not after. You may wish to press Shift+R repeatedly once "system is preparing to boot" to ensure you do not miss the time frame to execute the command). You will see the warning:

    Current hypervisor will permanently be replaced
    with build: X.X.X-XXXXXX. Are you sure? [y/n]

  5. Press Y to roll back the build.
  6. Press Enter to boot.

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アップグレードに失敗した後、前のバージョンの ESXi に戻る
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