Applying a Host Profile to a host or cluster
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Applying a Host Profile to a host or cluster


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VMware vCenter Server


The article provides information about configuring an entity (host or cluster) with the configuration of a profile, that profile must be applied to the entity.


VMware vCenter Server 5.1.x
VMware vCenter Server 5.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 4.1.x
VMware vCenter Server 4.0.x


Note: The host must be in maintenance mode before applying it to a profile.
To apply a host or cluster to a profile:
  1. In the Host Profiles main view, choose the profile to which you want to associate the host or cluster.
  2. Click the Host and Clusters tab. The list of attached hosts and clusters are shown under Entity Name.
  3. Right-click on the entity and click Apply or click Apply Profile.

    Compliance Status is updated.

Additional Information

For information about confirming host profile compliance, see Checking the compliance of a host profile (1010731). ホストプロファイルのコンプライアンスチェックが次のエラーで失敗する:Did not find CIM-XML Indication Subcription for query select * from CIM_Indication sent to destination'