Gen applications needing Build Tool token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME
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Gen applications needing Build Tool token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


For some Gen generated Java application types, Gen 8.6 requires that the Java EE SDK be installed and Build Tool profile JAVA token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME be set to find the file javaee.jar for the build to be successful. What are those application types?


Gen Build Tool


1. LOC.JAVAEE_HOME needs to be set when building/installing Java server EJBs/EJB Web Services and the Classic Style Java Proxy. The standard Java Proxy does not use LOC.JAVAEE_HOME. If it is not set the installation will fail with the message:
Exception caught: java.lang.RuntimeException:***Sorry, the LOC.JAVAEE_HOME setting was not specified, please set it in the 'Build Tool Profile'.

2. To enable the successful use of Java EE SDK requires the correct setting of the Gen 8.6 Build Tool Java token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME.
Download from Oracle page Oracle - Java™ EE 8 SDK Downloads
(Note that the top level folder in the zip file has name "glassfish5").
Unzip the file into the root of the C drive e.g. C:\java_ee_sdk-8u1
To ensure that all required Java classes (jar files) can be correctly located at compile time set Build Tool Profile Java token:
LOC.JAVAEE_HOME = C:\java_ee_sdk-8u1\glassfish5\glassfish

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