End of Availability Notification for existing Tanzu SKUs as of May 6th, 2024
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End of Availability Notification for existing Tanzu SKUs as of May 6th, 2024


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VMware Tanzu is streamlining and simplifying its portfolio of product offerings and bundles. As part of this simplification, all legacy Tanzu SKUs have been retired as of May 6th, 2024. These SKUs have officially declared End of Availability Notification. Please keep in mind that the End of Availability Notification only affects the SKUs, as the products are still fully supported. The capabilities of the products are carried forward into the new Tanzu portfolio offerings. Tanzu customers will need to migrate to the new Tanzu SKUs on their next renewal.



If you are an existing customer, but are not up for renewal, no immediate action is required. VMware Tanzu or another division of Broadcom will continue to offer active support through the duration of your subscription period. At the time of renewal, you will benefit from the new Tanzu portfolio offerings outlined in the Specific Program Documentation available in the Broadcom License and Service Terms & Repository site. Your Tanzu Account team will assist in mapping existing licenses to the necessary number of units required for the Tanzu Platform.


Existing standalone offerings can be mapped to new Tanzu Platform SKUs using the chart as reference.

For additional details surrounding these changes, please reach out to your Tanzu Account team and your Sales Representative.