Tanzu Network to Broadcom’s Customer Support Portal Transition and Timeline Information
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Tanzu Network to Broadcom’s Customer Support Portal Transition and Timeline Information


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It is Broadcom's goal to provide a consistent customer experience. In this next phase of VMware's integration with Broadcom, the distribution channels of Tanzu products will transition from VMware Customer Connect (customerconnect.vmware.com) and Tanzu Network (network.pivotal.io  or network.tanzu.vmware.com) to Broadcom's Customer Support Portal (support.broadcom.com) over several weeks starting May 6th.




Change Date

Distribution Channel

May 6th

May 31st

Customer Connect

All past and future releases will now only be available on Broadcom's Customer Support Portal

Tanzu Network 




No change for May 6th: all functionality will continue as-is, including the domain, registry, and APIs. New releases will continue to be published.

No new releases; products will publish new releases to Support Portal.

The final timing of if/when the domain and registry will stay available past May 31st in read-only mode will be communicated soon. API functionality will be provided for the Support Portal.


For Tanzu Spring Runtime customers:

Spring Enterprise Subscription

The Spring Enterprise Subscription repository at https://repo.spring.vmware.com will move to https://packages.broadcom.com/artifactory/spring-enterprise. A product tile in Broadcom's Customer Support Portal (https://support.broadcom.com) entitled ‘Spring Enterprise Subscription’ is available Here. This entry will provide an authentication token and instructions to access the packages repository and will not host any files directly.

The UI login to https://repo.spring.vmware.com will cease to function after May 5. Existing authentication tokens will remain valid until customers are transitioned to packages.broadcom.com. For issues please contact Tanzu Support.

Reference documentation and changelogs for Spring Enterprise releases can be accessed from https://enterprise.spring.io   




Tanzu Network 

Customer Connect




Platform Automation



What to expect for the May 31st milestone:


What is not changing


Potential Issues

  • Only API endpoints used by Platform Automation or the OM cli will be migrated
  • Our API IP addresses will change after the transition (to be provided). Please update your firewall rules accordingly once these addresses are provided.
  • Pivnet cli will soon no longer be tested against the migrated API available (date to be provided soon)
  • Any direct usage of API endpoints available from https://network.pivotal.io OR https://network.tanzu.vmware.com  may not function, as not all API endpoints will be migrated. It is recommended that customers use only Platform Automation or the OM cli, which were the only documented methods for automated downloads.