Redis v3.3.1 smoke-test fails with go version mismatch
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Redis v3.3.1 smoke-test fails with go version mismatch


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Redis for VMware Tanzu


The on-demand-broker-smoke-tests errand fails with following logs 
 /var/vcap/packages/cf-redis-smoke-tests/src/ /var/vcap/bosh  
          Failed to compile retry  
          Ginkgo ran 1 suite in 770.162s  
          Test Suite Failed  
          [38;5;228mGinkgo 2.0 is coming soon![0m  
          [1m[38;5;10mGinkgo 2.0[0m is under active development and will introduce several new features, improvements, and a small handful of breaking changes.  
          A release candidate for 2.0 is now available and 2.0 should GA in Fall 2021.  [1mPlease give the RC a try and send us feedback![0m  
            - To learn more, view the migration guide at [38;5;14m[4m[0m  
            - For instructions on using the Release Candidate visit [38;5;14m[4m[0m  
            - To comment, chime in at [38;5;14m[4m[0m  
Errand 'on-demand-broker-smoke-tests' completed with error (exit code 1)
          To [1m[38;5;204msilence this notice[0m, set the environment variable: [1mACK_GINKGO_RC=true[0m  
          Alternatively you can: [1mtouch $HOME/.ack-ginkgo-rc[0m  


Product Version: 3.3


The issue is explained in detail in following KB

Check the following file in redis on-demand-broker vm to confirm the issue by checking what go version is shown:

cat /var/vcap/packages/adapter-golang-1-linux/bosh/compile.env 

contents of the file is shown below

if [ -z "${BOSH_PACKAGES_DIR:-}" ]; then
  export GOROOT=$(readlink -nf /var/vcap/packages/golang-1.20-linux)
  export GOROOT=$BOSH_PACKAGES_DIR/golang-1.20-linux
export GOPATH=$PWD
export GOCACHE=/var/vcap/data/golang-1.20-linux/cache
export PATH=$GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin:$PATH


The following are steps to fix the issue:

  1. download redis tile to your opsmanager vm
  2. unzip the tile to be able to view releases. unzip p-redis-3.3.1-build.1.pivotal 
  3. cd /p-redis-3.3.1-build.1.pivotal/releases/
  4. bosh upload-release release-on-demand-service-broker-0.43.2.on-ubuntu-xenial-stemcell.621.655.tgz --fix
  5. bosh upload-release release-redis-backups-8.2.30.on-ubuntu-xenial-stemcell.621.655.tgz --fix
  6. bosh upload-release release-redis-metrics-8.1.25.on-ubuntu-xenial-stemcell.621.655.tgz --fix
  7. bosh upload-release release-redis-service-6.0.44.on-ubuntu-xenial-stemcell.621.655.tgz --fix
  8. bosh upload-release release-redis-service-adapter-8.0.76.on-ubuntu-xenial-stemcell.621.655.tgz --fix
  9. Run Apply Changes on Redis tile, this time the errand should run successfully.