Collect High Debug Server Logs
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Collect High Debug Server Logs


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


Steps to collect high debug App Control Server logs.


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions


  1. Gather Relevant Background Information:
    • What is the OS version and build of the application server where the App Control Server is installed?
    • What is the total system memory of the application server?
    • What is the total free disk space on the drive App Control Server is installed on?
    • What version of the App Control Server is currently installed?
    • Is the SQL database located on the same server as the App Control Server?
    • What version of SQL Server is hosting the App Control database? Is it patched to the latest Cumulative Update?
    • What error message or events are you receiving regarding this issue?
    • When did the error messages/events/issue start?
    • Were there any new changes on the server(s) or the network recently?
  2. Gather Event Viewer and IIS Logs:
  3. Gather High Debug App Control Server Logs
    1. Log in to the App Control Console
    2. Navigate to https://ServerAddress/support.php > Diagnostics
    3. Click the Snapshot Server Logs button to write existing logs and start a fresh log file.
    4. Set Server Logging as follows:
      • Logging Duration: 30 Minutes
      • All Debug Levels: High
      • Enable SQL Trace
    5. Click Start logging & reproduce the issue.
    6. Return to https://ServerAddress/support.php > Diagnostics
    7. Click "Stop Logging Now"
    8. Click on ÔÇťAvailable log files" from the right menu > Related Views > Save files:

Additional Information

  • App Control Server 8.8.6 and earlier: Restart the App Control Reporter service after collecting logs due to a known issue causing it to stop sending events after debugging finishes.