With PIM, Cannot Create Usernames Longer Than 8 Characters on Solaris 10
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With PIM, Cannot Create Usernames Longer Than 8 Characters on Solaris 10


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


After PIM has been updated to, admins can no longer create users on Solaris 10 through selang if their username contains more than 8 characters. This used to work before the update.

# selang
VeRsIoN: 12.81-0 (4287) Compiled On: Jul 17 2022 21:59:08 _SOLARIS210.SUN4V  STOP 30034
AC> nu test123456789 Unix
Successfully created USER test123456789
Unix :
ERROR: Failed to create USER test123456789
User name is too long


Privileged Identity Manager 12.8 SP1 CP5 (build
Solaris 10


With the newer PIM build, selang has added functionality to check the maximum username length from the system configuration to prevent the creation of usernames if they are too long. If not limit is set by the operating system, PIM will hard code the limit at 32 characters.

For Solaris 10, this username limit is 8 characters. To confirm this limit, run the getconf command as shown in the example below.

bash-3.00# getconf LOGIN_NAME_MAX

Note: the LOGIN_NAME_MAX value includes a terminating NULL character, so the real username limit is one less than the number displayed in the getconf output.


This workflow is coded into the product and cannot be overwritten by a seos.ini token. It is advised to configure usernames so they do not surpass operating system limits.