Gen HE checkout/checkin of subset slow & consumes high CPU
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Gen HE checkout/checkin of subset slow & consumes high CPU


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When checkout subset from HE it consumes high CPU and takes a long time to complete. Similar symptoms occur for checkin of a subset containing many updates

Using a large model which contains most of the business logic and has many subsets.
For that large model a subset download/upload and even a HE generation takes more than 50% of CPU.
For smaller models a download/upload does not exceed 30% CPU.
The DB2 DBA team did not notice any abnormal behaviour or contention during download and only the one user was downloading at the time.


Release : 8.6



Gen Engineering provided these suggestions:

1. If not already running CEUCLEN and DB2 REORG on the recommended weekly basis please run both before running a DB2 RUNSTATS and BIND. The CEUCLEN will delete/cleanup "orphan objects" for any incomplete models and subsets.
If the performance issue is happening because of incomplete subsets, then the CEUCLEN may also take a long time in which case it is recommended to run the CEUCLEN job over the weekend.
More details here: Host Encyclopedia Administration > Maintaining the Host Encyclopedia

2. Run the DB2 RUNSTATS (CEJOB06) and BIND (CEJOB07A) - Configuring Host Encyclopedia and Host Construction > Configuration Variables

3. If the performance problem still exists then consider making performance improvements per Host Encyclopedia Administration > Performance Recommendations.

4. If the performance problem still exists after that run DB2 EXPLAIN to narrow down the problem.

Additional Information

If the performance problem persists after following the above suggestions please create a support case on the Broadcom Support Portal with full details, so further advice can be provided.