Gen dialog box drop-down list box cannot be updated (OK disabled)
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Gen dialog box drop-down list box cannot be updated (OK disabled)


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


Using Gen 8.6 Toolset.
In a procedure step, there is a dialog box with 3 drop-down lists each of which will not allow any changes i.e. in each drop-down list the name/prompt is not updatable because the OK push button is disabled. 


Release : 8.6
Component : Gen Workstation Toolset


The drop-down list properties are locked/disabled because of no Values being present.
The Values option is also disabled because the Text attribute has a length of 35 characters which is greater than the maximum allowed for an attribute that has Permitted Values which is 32 characters.
At some point, the attribute must have had a length of <=32 to allow the drop-down lists to be created in the first place. When the length of the attribute was increased to > 32 characters the Values were deleted but the drop-down lists remain, which is working as designed.


To resolve the problem reduce the length of the attribute back to 32 characters. That will then enable the Values option on each drop-down list.
After adding back the required Permitted Values and including one or more values in the list, the OK push button will also be enabled.

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