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Understanding, Configuring and Troubleshooting Service Desk Manager 'Auto-close' Functionality


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The Auto-close functionality closes Resolved type tickets, after a specified number of the client’s business hours have passed. This helps businesses to manage tickets more effectively, by quickly closing tickets that meet requirements, without further Analyst intervention.

Although the functionality is simple, some complexities can arise.

The concepts outlined here will allow you to easily understand, configure and troubleshoot the Auto-close functionality.


Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


Please see the attached document "Understanding, Configuring and Troubleshooting Auto-close.pdf"

Additional Information


17.3 Timezone Setup
17.3 Timezone Field Definitions

Note that Daylight Savings Time Delta may need to be adjusted. Please see:
New Zealand Auto-close time is out by one hour, in CA SDM

You must use the "Resolved" Status with Auto-close.
Is Auto Close configurable with different status or custom status other than Resolved?

Use of the NX.env variable NX_AUTOCLOSE_SYSTEM_GENERATED can let you choose whether the Auto Close is done by the System_AHD_Generated user or the end user.
How to set the Activity Log activity for Auto Close to 'System_AHD_Generated' user instead of 'End User'

CA Communities Auto-close thread:
CA SDM - How to do Auto-close


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