Debug and Trace Logging for Maileater and Mail processes (17.x)
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Debug and Trace Logging for Maileater and Mail processes (17.x)


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How to enable extended debug or trace logging for the Service Desk Manager 17.x maileater (pdm_maileater_nxd) and mail (pdm_mail_nxd) processes


Release: 17.1 and higher
Component: USRD


1.  Make a backup of the NX_ROOT/site/cfg/logback.xml file

2.  Edit the file NX_ROOT/site/cfg/logback.xml and identify

<root level=""INFO"">
<appender-ref ref=""rollingFileAppender""/>

3.  Change to look like

<root level=""TRACE"">
<appender-ref ref=""rollingFileAppender""/>

4.  Save the file (no restarts required)

5.  Wait 5 minutes - you should see debug logs in the NX_ROOT\log\mail_nxd.log and NX_ROOT\log\maileater_nxd.log files

6.  To reset the logging level back to default, change <root level=""TRACE""> to <root level=""INFO"">  in the NX_ROOT/site/cfg/logback.xml file and save the file (no restarts are needed - change should be effective after 5 minutes)

Additional Information

Setting an additional option in NX.env below will give logging related to the Java level network connection between the mail program and the mail server