Error when creating CI
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Error when creating CI


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When trying to create a new CI the following error may be seen: 

In Windows: AHD05519:Error in MDB Registration: (Cora not initialized yet!) 

In the stdlog: 
sqlagt:Audit_Log 64442 ERROR orclclass.c 1209 Execution failed. Connection lost contact 
sqlagt:Audit_Log 64442 ERROR orcl.c 799 Oracle connection lost detected (rc=3135) and is being handled. 
bpvirtdb_srvr 64426 ERROR vdbagent.c 897 Detected database connection problem during INSERT. Requeuing request for agent Audit_Log event_log session_log casm_active_sessions. 
web:local 64376 SIGNIFICANT session.c 10988 Session <sessionid> login by analyst <userinfo>; session count 1 
bpvirtdb_srvr 64426 SIGNIFICANT vdbagent.c 857 Retrying request attempt (1) after previous database connectivity problems for agent Audit_Log event_log session_log casm_active_sessions 
sqlagt:Audit_Log 64442 SIGNIFICANT orclclass.c 602 Successfully logged back on to Oracle 
mdb_registration_ 64379 ERROR mdb_registration.c 935 Unable to initial CORA API. RC: 470224 
mdb_registration_ 64379 ERROR mdb_registration.c 937 CORA Error Message:Cora not initialized yet!


Release: 17.x


CORA had lost contact with the MDB due to database disconnection.


 In order to connect again, stop the CA Service Desk Manager service, ensure all processes (particularly mdb_regristration_nxd) have stopped, and then restart.