PPM Log files such as app-ca.logs are not being updated


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The log files are not being updated with any (or limited) log details for bg, beacon, or app logs.


Component: PPMENV


Solution 1: Reset the logging mechanism using the below steps (SaaS Customers, please contact CA Support for assistance with this):

For each server that has PPM installed:
  1. Backup the file PPM_HOME/config/logger.xml
  2. Go to the PPM_HOME/.setup/templates/config/ directory
  3. Copy the original copy of the file: logger.xml found in the config folder
  4. Place this copy in the PPM_HOME/config folder.
  5. Restart services
Solution 2: Check the priority level for com.niku (or the applicable log category type) to make sure it set to capture the preferred logging level. Example, if it is set to Fatal, then only Fatal messages related to com.niku will be displayed in the logs, but not lower level message types such as Error or Info. See KB000009555 for more details on the recommended logging levels for PPM. 
  1. If access is provided, <server>/niku/nu#action:security.logs can be entered from the browser URL (Or for On Premise customers, you can also verify the below in CSA/NSA)
  2. ​Click Logs -> Edit Configuration
  3. Navigate to the 'Categories' section and check the Priority Level for com.niku to make sure this is set to capture the applicable types of log messages. If is recommended to have this set to 'Warn' as this will capture all Warnings, Errors, and Fatal messages. 
  4. Update the Priority Level if needed and Save your changes. 
Note: Prior to making changes to the log configuration, it's recommended to take a backup of the properties.xml file. 

Solution 3: Remove PPM Services and delete files in the log folder - If the above doesn't help (SaaS Customers, please contact CA Support for assistance with this):
  1. Remove the PPM services
  2. Delete the files in the log folder (take a backup first of any of those logs you want to keep for historical purposes in another folder)
  3. Readd, reploy, and start the PPM Services

Additional Information

Reference KB000014961 - Quick summary guide to the log files: which files to provide to CA PPM Support?
Reference KB000009555 - Best Practice: How to set the logging levels in the CSA