Virtual attributes for Project Category and Project Type are not displaying any data on the list views


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Virtual attributes for Project Category and Project Type are not displaying any data. This is reproduced for any attribute that is defined directly on different investment type objects that has the same attribute ID value. This issue can be reproduced for custom attributes by repeating the steps for a custom attribute. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
  1. Create virtual attribute for Project Category on the Team object coming from project object   
  2. Create virtual attribute for Idea Category on the Team object coming from idea object 
  3. Create an idea and make sure idea category is filled in 
  4. Create a project and make sure project category is filled in 
  5. Staff a role to the investment so that it will show up in Unfilled Allocations tab 
  6. Navigate to Home->Resource Planning and go to Unfilled Allocations tab 
  7. Configure portlet to include both virtual attributes created earlier 
  8. Under Investment filter search for an Idea you created in step # 3
  • If the investment has not been 'approved' set the filtering criteria of 'Approved' to include all states 
       9. Observe that both virtual attributes showing same data even though you that idea should not have a Project Category
       10. Now filter for a project you created earlier observe both virtual attributes show no value even though Project Category should exist for that project
 Expected Results: Virtual attribute display data properly 
 Actual Results: Virtual attribute is not displaying data 


This issue is caused by DE31851


Component: ODSTU


After careful review, it has been determined that this defect will not be fixed. Please reference the following link: CA PPM Defect Resolution Policy for more information.

For custom attributes:
Create the attribute on the Investment object and then the data will show up properly in the list views for the subobject.
For out of the box attributes: The only workaround would be to create a custom attribute on the investment object and link that to the Idea and Project Type lookup (or applicable lookup). As long as the attribute ID is different then other objects, this issue should then not occur when you create a virtual attribute on the team object. 

  • Note: If creating a custom attribute, data from the out of the box attribute does not get automatically populated to this new attribute. Additionally, any portlets or views using this field would also have to be updated to replace the old attribute(s) with the newly created attributes. 

Additional Information

Reference the CA PPM Defect Resolution Policy
Reference KB000045049 - Investment Multi Valued Lookup attribute added as virtual attributes to Team object doesn't show values in the Team view or Portlets (a similar defect fixed in CA PPM 15.3 and higher)