How to uninstall and then reinstall CABI probe in UIM 20.x
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How to uninstall and then reinstall CABI probe in UIM 20.x


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


How do I completely uninstall CABI from UIM 20.x? How to remove CABI from UIM? 

This article provides steps to completely remove/uninstall CABI from UIM.

You may need to uninstall, and/or reinstall CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Bundled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • cabi probe doesn't start
  • Cannot access the dashboard or the dashboard fails to load
  • 'Data Access Error,' e.g., in OC Reports page
  • wasp probe does not start and generates the errors shown below:
    ERROR [Catalina-utility-1, org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase] startInternal() A child container failed during start
ERROR [Catalina-utility-1, org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase] java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException


  • UIM, ALL supported versions
  • CABI 4.x, 7.50, 8.00
  • uim_core_dashboards_pack - related versions
  • uim_cabi_health_report_pack - related versions
  • uim_unified_reporter_pack - related versions
  • ump_cabi - related versions


  1. Gather the scripts for MS SQL server (attached to this KB), or MySQL and Oracle from the following location on the cabi server, and save them off:

      \Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\config\scripts\drop_tables\Scripts for Upgraded version

    Note: it is recommended to use the attached scripts as the script in the above location may not work correctly in your environment.

  2. Delete cabi probe (via IM or AC)

  3. Delete wasp probe (via IM or AC)

  4. RDP to the Cabi server and delete ../nimsoft/c folder

  5. Delete ../nimsoft/probes/service/cabi folder

  6. Delete ../nimsoft/probes/service/wasp folder

  7. Run the DELETE queries against the UIM SQL database 6 times or more (attached script) (or previous grabbed scripts in the case of MySQL, and Oracle)

    Note: This is required due to some overlap in dependencies.  This process should not continue until all of the tables are dropped.

    Refresh the DB tool, e.g., SQL Server Studio, MySQL WOrkbench tool.

    Validating the tables are removed (should not return anything):

    --list cabi tables


    where table_name like '%JI%'

  8. Deploy the cabi probe to the cabi server

    Note: Wasp probe will be automatically deployed with cabi probe

  9. Make sure the wasp probe has the data_engine key defined under setup, and pointing to the Primary hub using the NimBUS address, e.g., /<domain</<hub>/<robot>/<probe>

  10. Verify the following packs are deployed to the cabi server

       a. uim_unified_reporter_pack

       b. uim_cabi_health_report_pack

       c. uim_core_dashboards_pack

       d. ump_cabi (must be deployed to the Operator Console(OC) robot

  11. Cabi probe will take ~20 minutes to start

    Please note the last step from the documentation is to verify that the installation is complete.  You need to confirm that the following lines exist in the cabi.log file:

    <date_time> [main, cabi] cabi installed successfully.    


    <date_time> [UserSynchronizationThread, cabi] Finished synchronizing users between DX UIM and CABI

    Restarting the cabi or wasp probes before observing those lines in the log may result in a failed deployment of CABI

Try to login to Cabi page once Cabi and wasp probes have ports and PIDs

Login to the CABI server-> http://<CABI IP address or FQDN>/cabijs

Note regarding memory requirements: CABI v8.0 requires 8 GB of RAM on the cabi robot.

Additional Information

Here is an additional drop table script for Oracle:

  FOR c IN ( SELECT table_name FROM user_tables WHERE table_name LIKE 'QUARTZ%' OR table_name LIKE 'JI%' 
            OR table_name LIKE 'ProfilingRecord' 
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_job_details'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_simple_triggers'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_cron_triggers'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_simprop_triggers'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_blob_triggers'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_calendars'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_paused_trigger_grps'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_scheduler_state'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_fired_triggers'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_locks'
            OR table_name LIKE 'qrtz_triggers')

Accessibility Error running Cabi report or UIM Dashboard " Cabi is not available or accessible"

How to Create certificates for OC, AC, and Cabi server in UIM and fix the certificate error " Your connection is not private"

If Cabi 'Dashboards' and Cabi 'Custom Reports' are not being used, it is 'safe' to remove the CABI Server/cabi probe and cabi-related tables via a complete uninstall as described in steps 1 through 7 listed above.


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