Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail


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The following instructions describe how to configure Clarity Service Management to connect and communicate with an Office 365 Server. 


Clarity Service Management 17.1
Clarity Service Management 17.0
Clarity Service Management 14.1


In order to properly configure maileater to connect to Office 365 Mail, please follow these steps:

1. We first need to obtain the proper SSL certificate for the Office 365 mail server.

Note 1:

As of Dec 2016, the Office 365 Certificate is signed by the "DigiCert Global Root CA". Information on this certificate can be found here. If gets signed by a different root certificate in the future, you would need to obtain the new root certificate from Microsoft or find out what the root certificate is and grab it from the vendor.

Information on acquiring the root CA using openSSL can be viewed here:

Note 2:

If the Certificate file name has format <name>.txt, it should be renamed as <name>.cer

2. After gathering the information for your root certificate, create a file using Notepad with the certificate's information.  For details on how to achieve this, please review the following tech article:

3. Save the file and copy it to the primary server and make note of the path.

4. Use the following settings in the mailbox details screen (making sure to populate your full email address and file path to the certificate that you saved):


To obtain your specific POP/IMAP settings and enable POP access:

  • Login to Outlook.Com with your existing mail credentials.

  • On the upper right corner of the Web UI, click on the gear icon to access Settings.

  • Search for "IMAP" and you will see a setting for "POP and IMAP".

  • Click on the "POP and IMAP" link.

  • The Sync email display will appear, and will expose the specific POP and IMAP settings you need to use:

  • Note:  You will need to enable POP here if you want to use POP3 for maileater.  You must allow "Let devices and apps use POP" and also enable "Let apps and devices delete messages from Outlook".


See table below:

Name: Default (or the name of your mailbox)
Check Interval (in Sec): Recommended value is 20 or 30
Email Type: IMAP4
Hostname: (Please refer back to POP and IMAP email settings for Outlook​ or the above instructions for any updated server settings)
Port Override: Since version 17.1, CA Service Desk now supports both STARTTLS (143) and Direct SSL (993) port connections. For previous versions, use only STARTTLS (143).
User Name: The User ID of the Office365's account.  Use the full email address (eg:  [email protected])
Password: Fill in the password for the account
Security Level: Clear Text
Attachment Repository: Default is "Service Desk"
Attach Entire Email: Default is "No"
Force Attachment Splitout: Default is "No"
Allow Anonymous: Default is "Yes"
Save Unknown Emails: Default is "Yes"
Use Reply To Emails: Default is "Yes"
Use TLS:  Yes CA Certificate Path:  Path to the Certificate file you just created.

Additional Information

The information in this article has been included in our product documentation. You can find further details here:
Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail