Error: "An Expired request has been detected."


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The following error is shown when performing actions in Clarity.

Alert: Expired Request: An Expired request has been detected. Request has been cancelled. 
An expired request has been detected while processing a request. To recover you should use the browser back button or PPM History to return to the previous page. Refresh it and try the request again. 


This issue occurs if a Clarity session gets lost or expired. The tokens are generated for each Clarity page and also stored in the session. If the tokens cannot be found in the session the message is displayed. 

If a load balancer is involved in the Clarity setup, the load balancer configuration may need to be reviewed as it is affecting the user sessions.

This is reported as defect DE42548.


Release: 15.3, 15.4


The session handling issue is resolved in 15.5.1 which is available and patch


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