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How to Download Agile Requirements Designer


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


This document will explain how to download CA Agile Requirements Designer from Broadcom Support Website.

Before you get started downloading the product, please read through the product release notes and installation documentation of the version you will be downloading:

If you need to see documentation for a different version of the product:

  1. Click on 'Versions' in the top, right-hand corner of the documentation page.
  2. From the dropdown list, please choose the version that you need.


In order to download the product, you will need Broadcom Support Portal access.



ARD all releases
CA Agile Requirements Designer


  1. Login to CA Support Online:
    • Enter your Username
    • Enter your Password
    • Click the 'I understand and accept Broadcom's Terms of Use' checkbox.
    • click the 'SIGN IN' button 

  2. Click on the 'Enterprise Software' button in the upper middle of the page.

  3. Select the 'Product Downloads' button in the upper middle of the page.

  4. The products displayed in the 'Download Management' page will differ, depending on the products that your site is entitled to. Once in the 'Download Management' page you can type "Agile" in the Search field to filter out the list of products, and select 'AGILE REQUIREMENTS DESIGNER'.

  5. In the AGILE REQUIREMENTS DESIGNER 'Product Downloads' window, select a specific ARD version to be taken to the download page. What product options show depend on your contract with CA.

    • Standalone: This version of ARD is for a user who needs to model business logic, explicit functional requirements, and import/export user stories/requirements to Agile Central, JIRA, and HP ALM. Feature set includes basic modeling functions only and connectors with JIRA, Agile Central, and HP ALM.

    • Workgroup: This version of ARD is for a user who needs to model business logic, analyze and optimize test coverage, and generate test cases in an integrated fashion within SDLC life cycle. This includes integration with Agile Central, JIRA, and HP ALM. Feature set includes standalone capabilities + Test Case Generation and Optimization.

    • Automation Builder: If you have purchased an 'Automation Builder Add-On' license, it will include everything the Workgroup license offers in addition to scripting, automation, and integration with Automation Frameworks such as Ranorex, Selenium, QC, etc.

    • If you are not seeing any of these options or have a question, please contact our Global Service Center (GSC) to see what you are entitled to download: or

  6. On the specific download page you can choose the Release by clicking the Release dropdown, and select the release you want to download.

  7. Once release has been selected, click on the product link to navigate into that particular release to see all the various download options available.

  8. Click the 'Cloud' icon to begin the download through the browser. If you prefer, you can select the 'Shopping Cart' icon to add the selected product o your shopping cart, and download everything in the shopping cart once you have selected everything you want to download. Depending on your locations security, you may need to click the 'FTP' icon to begin an FTP session to download the selected product.

  9. A 'Download Status Page' window will appear. 

  10. You can right-click on the zip file, and select 'Show in folder' to open a Windows File Explorer in the location where Windows downloaded the file. Or you can open a Windows File explorer and manually browse to the location for the downloaded zip file.  You will want to place a copy of the zip file on the server, or workstation, where you are installing ARD

  11. To install Agile Designer, please follow the instructions in the documentation: 

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