% Allocation not automatically calculated
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% Allocation not automatically calculated


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


On Projects->Team->Detail-> Allocations are entered, but on the Team->Staff view, the % Allocation is not automatically computed.


Component: PRJCTS


The % Allocation / Default Allocation % field in the column list views is the Default Allocation which is not a calculated field (it is an editable field). The field that is automatically calculated is the Average Allocation % field. That one would be updated based on allocation changes. See KB000052381 for details on how the Average Allocation % field is calculated. 

To add The Average Allocation % field to a view (example below for the Team Staff View):
1. Got to the Team tab of a project
2. Click on the Options icon (Gear icon) on the right hand side
3. Click Configure
4. From the 'List Column Section'->Layout, in the 'Available Columns', select the Average Allocation % field and move this to 'Selected Columns'
5. Click 'Save and Return'

Additional Information

Reference: KB000052381 - How is the Average Allocation % field calculated?
Reference Manage Resource Allocation for more details on PPM Allocations including Default Allocation