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How do I install SPS/CA Access Gateway to work with EP Agent


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


See  for an overview on SPS (Secure Proxy Server) / CA Access Gateway  and APM

  I want to have APM and Secure Proxy Server work together. How do I do this?


  This should work on APM 10.5 and later   And 12.5 - 12.8 of SSO Access Gateway. The solution is presented AS-IS with no support at this time.


CA Access Gateway has built in support for APM. 

Steps to do:
1) Install EPAgent on the CA Access Gateway Server

2) In the Access Gateway/proxy-engine/conf/server.conf file search for wily.
  a. Change enabled to Yes 
  b. Change the URL to the EPAgent port (defaults to localhost:8080 which is usually in use on Access Gateway)

3) Restart the gateway, Send something through the CA Access Gateway, A SPS node should appear in the Investigator

This is supported on 12.5 - 12.8 of SSO Access Gateway.

Note: The  default JVM settings for the access gateway are insufficient for this to be enabled. You will need to increase the Xms and Xmx values to an appropriate size. At least 2GB on 12.52 or less, 

Also recommend changing the garbage collector to either UseParallelGC or G1GC if you go above 4GB JVMsize.