MCS is not deploying the latest cdm probe


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Monitoring Configuration Services (MCS) is not deploying the latest version of the cdm probe.
On setting up a new CPU, Disk, Memory, or "Setup CDM" profile in UMP, the cdm 5.71 probe is deployed to the robot.
Why didn't it deploy 5.80 (which is in our archive) or 6.30 which is available to download?


UIM 8.51
cdm probe 5.71, 5.80, 6.30


There are a few things to consider.

1- MCS will not upgrade the cdm probe that currently resides on the robot.

     To upgrade the cdm probe on a robot, use the IM or Admin console to deploy the newer version in your archive.

2- MCS will not download new versions of probes.

3- MCS relies on templates to deploy a probe. Often these come in the form of a package that needs to be downloaded.

    For example:

In this example, it is required to:

  • Download all 3 packages to the archive
  • Deploy cdm_mcs_templates to the primary hub running the "mon_config_service" probe.

Additional Information

Run this query to see  if a deployment was successful:
// the top few rows returned should show what happened with the recent changes 

//This query will show which version of the probe that MCS will deploy when selecting "Setup cdm".  
// Note the "production =1" is the version of the probe that will be deployed.  In the example above, this should point to version 6.30
select templateid, probeversion, production from ca_uim.ssrv2template where templatename LIKE '%cdm%';

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