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Interface is up but is not present in CA Performance Management


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


In some devices, such as switches or routers, changes can be made frequently, like moving connections or replacing them with new ones. Even if the the new connection is up, as evidenced by a switch-level show command, it may not appear in the CAPC GUI for the device or data for it may be missing.

For example, in CAPC, under Monitored Devices -> for that device -> Polled Metric Families -> Interfaces -> Interface components, the interface may be listed as: "Not Present" so it cannot be added to a graph.

Even after trying a manual CAPC rediscover, there is still no change.


CAPC 3.x


Sometimes, the polling configuration for a device in CAPC can get stale this can happen for any component not just interfaces.


The solution is to stop, then restart polling so that the configuration can be updated. So to fix this, you can stop, then restart polling so that the configuration can be updated.

Furthermore, to identify if a stale polling configuration is the cause, you can do the following:

  1. In the CAPC GUI, stop polling for the target device.
  2. Go to dcdebug - http://<DATA_AGGREGATOR_IP>:8581/dcdebug
  3. Select polling configuration by IP
  4. Enter the IP address of the target, and make sure the config is empty.
  5. Go back to the CAPC GUI and re-enable polling for the device.
  6. Now refresh dcdebug and see if the polling configuration has been rebuilt.

Then check the polling config or the device in CAPC for the missing components. If the poll config is empty, start polling and wait for the config to rebuild.