BG Action Trace is not showing any job related data


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There is no data being generated in the bg trace logs for any jobs even though app tracing is working.


Component: PPMENV


​In security.logs ->Log Viewer, ensure 'Trace jobs' is checked under the 'Action Tracing' section. 
Below are the steps to ensure this setting is set to trace jobs:
IMPORTANT: As mentioned in the Log Viewer details page, Job tracing can have a negative environmental impact and should only be done when necessary and for brief amounts of time. 
1. If access is provided, <server>/niku/nu#action:security.logs can be entered from the browser URL.
2. Click Logs > Edit Configuration.
3. In the 'Action Tracing' section, check the check box next to 'Trace jobs' and click 'Save'

Additional Information

Reference: KB000009353 for more details on Using PPM Action Trace