Where is the Task Assignment Role ID Defined in MSP?
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Where is the Task Assignment Role ID Defined in MSP?


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Where is the PPM task assignment Role ID defined in Microsoft Project (MSP)?


Component: PPMMSP


  1. In the MSP New Driver, the task Assignment Role ID is populated in the Text3 field for assignments. This can be found in the Resource Usage view in MSP:
  • Add the Text3 column to the Resource Usage view
  • The Resource's project role (pulled from the team level) will display in the Text3 section next to the resource name (shown in Text3 data next to "PROLE=")
  • The assignment role will show in the Resource Usage view next to the task under the resource as "AROLE="
  • The Role ID will not get populated until the project is saved back to PPM then re-exported to MSP.
  • If the project is created in MSP, the Assignment Role ID will require an additional save to PPM, then re-export to MSP to display.
  • The Role ID is populated as the Role ID value in PPM in Home->Resources. (For example, for Architect, it is csk.architect)
      2. In the MSP Legacy Driver, the assignment role ID is not available to be viewed in MSP.

Additional Information

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