Due to performance issues when changing an action item status, causes a system error


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CLARITY PPM FOR ITG CLARITY PPM FEDERAL Clarity PPM SaaS - Application Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps To Reproduce:

1. Navigate to Home -> Personal -> Organizer

2. Create a new action item with your user as the assignee as well as another user

3. Click Save and Return

4. Find the action item created

5. Change the status for the user that you are logged in

6. Click Save

Expected Result: Only the “frame” under the main menu is refreshed as it happens in other pages of CA PPM

Actual Result: The whole page is refreshed, which takes more time to be loaded and sometimes causes the error:
"Unable to communicate to the PPM server.
Please try again and if problem persists contact your system administrator."


Caused by DE38612


CA PPM 15.3


This can not be reproduced in 15.5