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In CA APM is there compatibility between different versions of 10.x EM and TIM


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Normally in an APM installation the Enterprise Managers (EM) and TIM have needed to be at the same version. Is there any flexibility with APM 10.x to have a different version of EM and TIM and still be compatible?


APM 10.2 + later releases


The current 10.x TIM is backward compatible with the EM as far back as APM 10.2 e.g. EM 10.2 is compatible with TIM version 10.2 and higher.

Additional Information

This backward compatibility allows installation of a later version TIM on supported VMTP 11.x releases while the EM remains at the current version e.g. in a APM 10.2 installation the 10.2 MTP TIM can be upgraded to 10.7 to allow installation on VMTP 11.01 or 11.0.2, while the EMs remain at 10.2.
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