In the MSP New Driver, Actuals submitted on Saturday or Sunday are pushed out to the next Day


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If you enter actual work on a Saturday or Sunday, part of the work gets pushed out to the next day when exporting the project to MSP (Microsoft Project). This also pushes out the duration of a task in MSP if the task Finish Date is a Saturday or Sunday (and the Finish date is the day actuals were last entered). 

Steps to reproduce: 
1. In PPM create a new project that is Open for time Entry, with Track Mode of PPM 
2. Add one resource to the team 
3. Create a task and assign the team member to the task 
4. Go to the resource's timesheet, and submit 3 hours of time on a Saturday (In this example: 10/21/17) 
5. Approve the timesheet 
6. Wait 5 minutes then run the Post Timesheets job to post the actuals 
7. Export the project to MSP 
8. Add Actual Work to the Task Usage Timescale view and view the actual work for 10/21 and 10/22 

Expected Results: 3 hours show for 10/21

Actual Results: 2 hours show for 10/21, and 1 hour shows for 10/22 

This also happens if you submit time on a Sunday, some of the actual work gets pushed out until Monday. 


This issue is caused by DE39282


This issue applies to the MSP New Driver


The fix for this issue is tentatively planned for CA PPM 15.4.1.

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