Applications Manager Installation/Upgrade Prompts


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Applications Manager Installation/Upgrade Prompts


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent



Applications Manager Installation or Upgrade Prompts

List of Applications Manager's Install/Upgrade prompt, default value, and notes



Applications Manager PromptsDefault ValueNotes
Select the Operating System and Machine?<Detected Operating System>Install should auto detect your OS
Is this correct?YRefers to detected environment
 M - Install Applications Manager Automation Engine
 A - Install Applications Manager Agent Only
<Null>M = Master install will install Master + Local Agent

A = Remote Agent
Would you like to install Apache now?YInstalls Apache Web Server
Enter the path to the root of your existing web server or press Enter to install Apache ?Install ApacheIf 'Y' is selected above, enter the path to Apache Home
Which directory should Apache be installed in?$AW_HOMEIf 'N' is selected above, enter the path that you would like to install Apache
What should the Apache Server name be?
This must be a valid IP address or hostname for this machine.
If the Web Server will be accessed through a Proxy, a fully
qualified domain name should be used.  Otherwise a static IP
address can be used:
Generally is the same host or IP of Automation Engine
Which port should Apache listen on?5050Default Apache Port
Enter Applications Manager Install Directory?$AW_HOMEPath of AM's home directory
Install Automation Engine's agent?YAn Automation Engine should always have a local Agent
Ok to extract files (Stack will be stopped)?YNeeds to be Y to extract necessary installation files
Automation Engine Name?  <AUTOMATION ENGINE NAME>Name of the Master
Automation Engine's IP address or DNS name?<>
DNS Name
IP/host of Master
Applications Manager's Oracle Login?<Null> 
Application Manager's Oracle Login Connect String?<Null>Needed if Database is remote to AM install
Applications Manager Oracle Instance Name (SID)?<Null>In version 9, SID is replaced with Service Name
Oracle Instance IP or DNS name Address?<>
<DNS name>
Same as Automation Engine IP/Host unless remote in which you would also define a connect string.
Oracle Listener Port?1521Default Listener Port
Time of start of Virtual day00:00Default start of Virtual Day
Time Zone?<Detected Timezone>Default timezone
Host name of SMTP Server?<SMTP hostname>Needed to send out email
Port for SMTP Server?25Needed to send out email
Return Email address for notifications?<null>Email address listed in the "From" field in emails sent out by AM
AwComm Port Number?2136Default Awcomm port
Automation Engine require it's own RMI server?YesShould always be 'Yes'
Apache Web Server installed on this machine?YesShould be 'Yes' unless Apache is installed on a different Server
Full path of the Apache Directory?<$AW_HOME/apache>Enter the path to the Apache directory
Port the web server listens on?5050Default Apache Port
Location of Web Directory?<$AW_HOME>Path to the wefb directory
IP address or DNS name of this computer?<>
<DNS Name>
Should be the same at Automation Engine IP/Host
Rmi Registry Port Number?1099Default Port for RMI Registry Port
Enable SSL Encryption?YesEncryption used for communication between AM components
Enable Automation Engine Agent Encryption?YesShould Always be set to 'Yes'
Firewall installed?NoEntering Yes requires additional ports to be defined
Enable RmiServer Debug?NoSelect Yes to enable RMI debug
Remove installation links?NRefers to symlinks that are created during install
Create/Update File Repository?NCreates optional backup in the $AW_HOME/update directory
Is the above correct?YesSelect 'No' if values are incorrect
Ok to extract files (Stack will be stopped)?YNeeds to be Y to extract necessary installation files
Applications Manager Oracle Password?<null>Enter AM Oracle Password
Menu Option?1Option 1 for install/Upgrade and upgrade process will start
Menu Option?QOption Q for quit
Are you sure you want to quit?Yes