Unable to open a master project in MSP (popup window appears)
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Unable to open a master project in MSP (popup window appears)


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When opening a master project from Clarity to Microsoft Project (MSP), a popup window opens looking for the file in the MSP Bin folder. Example of the file path that launches in the window:

"Program Files (x86) -> CA -> PPM - CA PPM MSP Interface -> Bin".

A message at the top of the window states "Cannot find inserted project - <Project Name>". When you click 'Cancel' to the message it takes you to a mpp file with just the list of the sub projects, but not tasks for the project. 


This issue applies to the MSP New Driver 14.4 and higher.


This is due to a problem with one of the sub projects of the master project. One known issue with sub projects that causes this issue with a master project is if either the Standard calendar or a team member's calendar is 51 characters or longer. If this is the cause, you will see the following error when attempting to open that sub project in MSP: "An Import error occurred. The element in the element with =  <ID#> has invalid data. The calendar name does not exist. Click a calendar in the list, and then press Enter". Reference MSP Error "An Import error occurred..." / unable to open project a calendar has more than 51 characters for more information on this issue. 


  1. Check to make sure each of the sub projects can be opened from Clarity to MSP.
  2. If any of the sub projects have child projects of their own, also check those sub projects to make sure they open successfully.
  3. If all of the sub projects open successfully, see if removing all the sub projects from the master project, then adding them back to the master project resolves the issue.