Message "Active-X Plugin installation failed and the application may not function correctly"


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If you are getting this error message :


ACtive-X Plugin installation failed screen 1.jpg        

once you are working with CA Business Service Insight, from a Workstation, Application or WEB server. This occurs when opening certain menus, especially when generating a report and on the dashboard. 


"Active-X/Plugin installation failed and the application may not function correctly" it´s occurs because you have not installed correctly the prerequisites under the Workstation or server and check the security settings 


Business Service Insight 8.3, 8.3.5


In order to solve this message we recommend that you do these steps, It includes all the Active-X components that CA Business Service Insight  (CA BSI) requires. Once installed, the users should not get any more the message:

"Active-X/Plugin installation failed and the application may not function correctly" 


- For the CA BSI client installation will need Full Administrator permissions. 

- The ISO package can be downloaded from the support portal under the.

   It is indeed best practice to have the BSI client of the same BSI server version!!

> DOWNLOAD MANAGEMENT -Download full products or solutions (patches)

> Enter  : CA Business Service Insight

> Select : CA Business Service Insight WINDOWS-ALL

> Select the Media : CA Business Service Insight


Run the CA Business Service Insight Client

- Under the media you will find a Directory called DVD:\Client and under that you should run the CloudInsight8.X-Client.exe

Also make sure that your IE browser security allows you to run active-X scripts. We recommend adding the BSI site to the trusted sites list and lowering the security for trusted sites.