When attempting to install/upgrade Service Desk the following error is generated: Creation of CDB failed.


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When attempting to install or upgrade Service Desk an error is immediately generated stating that the Creation of CDB failed on the Configuring CA Service Management common tables step:

creation of cdb failed.png 


There can be multiple causes for this error, as stated in the message check the install.log file in the Temp directory to further investigate the root cause.

In some scenarios the following error may be generated:

Reading the registry returned: ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

In this case a local non-domain account was not being used to run the installer. Therefore the installer is not able to create registry entries that it needs to, and is struggling with copying files to certain directories.


Clarity Service Desk 17.2
Clarity Service Desk 17.1


To address this, open the Administrative Tools on the server and select: Local Security Policy.

Expand Local Policies-> User Rights Assignment.

Right click on Act as part of the operating system and select Properties.

Here the local policies must be applied to a domain account that is in the local admins group.

Select Add user or Group and have the local admins group added.

Once complete the installer should be able to create the required registry entries and complete the installation.