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CA Identity Portal does not honor the browser language in an iFrame


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


In this use case, the customer has Identity Portal displaying inside a deep link iFrame in their web browser, not just in the browser itself as you would see in an out of the box configuration. When browser's language is set to French Canada, CA Identity Portal is still in English. When CA Identity Portal is not run inside the iFrame the language changes as expected.


CA Identity Portal embedded as an IFrame using nginx as proxy server


The way to display the language in the iFrame is to set it as the top language in the browser settings, since Identity Portal uses the primary browser language as it's primary language. 

For example:
In Chrome settings, if you select French and click on button “Display Google Chrome in this language”, and move French to top, then 
- IDP iFrame content does show up in French 
- iFrame headings do show up in French 
- NW portal does show up in French 
- Google chrome does show up in French