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Bundling Pages from Different Reports into 1 report


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Can a user extract pages from different reports and bundle them together to make one report out of them, or bundle into 1 PDF file? Can the Web Viewer do this?


Component: WBVLUW


The Web Viewer can download several reports into a single, concatenated report file, but it does not allow you to select an individual page or page ranges from various reports and concatenate only selected pages into a single report.

Additional Information

This is pretty straight forward. You just mark/select the reports you want concatenated directly in the report list; 

… and click the save button. That brings you to the save dialogue; 

… where you can select a report one at a time to promote or demote in the save order. Once you click OK, you are directed to a browser save dialogue where the action is completed. And no, there is no option in the process to transform to PDF format. If you select a single report and click the Save button; 

… that is where you have your options to save only certain page selections and if the administrator allowed, transform to PDF. These same options are NOT available when performing a multi-report save. Should you like to request that enhancement, you would post an “Idea” in the Output Management, Web Viewer User Community, and vote up any similar ideas you find there. 

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