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After updating Agent Group in a Realm it does not get propagated to the subrealms


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We have a R12.7 environment where we have several Domains and Realms, and for one Realm we have set different subrealms. When we modify the Agent to set an Agent Group in the Realm, the change is not getting propagated to the subrealms, so no subrealm is inheriting the modified Agent Group from the main Realm. This works fine when we create a new Realm, as its subrealms are inheriting the Agent we have set, but when we modify the Realm then the change does not propagate.

In order to workaround this, we have to recreate the subrealms, but as we have many rules and policies in some of them it is taking a lot of time.

How can we solve this?


Policy Server R12.7
AdminUI R12.7


This issue has been fixed in R12.7.02, so to solve it you need to upgrade to this version.

Policy Server - Defects Fixed in R12.7.02:

Subrealm fails to inherit updated agent group information from its parent realm.