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Running SmTest Tool, where do I find the .ini file ?


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I need help to run the Smtest tool to perform stress testing. I don't
understand few things from the documentation. I'm following this url

Run a Stress Test

How can I get the *.ini file generated ?
What is this file "test_data1.txt" referenced in my control file ? 
c:\temp\test_data1.txt, 2, 3


Release: ESPSTM99000-12.51-Single Sign On-Extended Support Plus


When you run SmTest tool, then you put your settings as for the agent
connection and version, and click "Save Settings" to configure this
configuration. You will name this file settings.ini. This is your ini
file. Let's say : c:\settings.ini

If you haven't a .ini file, then you won't be able to start the test.

In the SmTest tool, once you have created your .ini file, then you
have to run the SmTest tool in "record" mode, to do isProtect,
isAuthenticated and isAutorized.

You will configure the output of that recording steps in the "Output
Script" file you'll define. Let's say c:\record.txt

Then in your control file, you will place :

 .connect c:\settings.ini
c:\record.txt, 20, 3

The above example repeats the test 20 times using 3 threads.
Now select Advance playback and use the control file created to run your test.