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Applications that retrieve the FDT INSTDATA field from the Security File will abend with the TOPSECR2 subroutine after upgrading from CA Top Secret r15 to r16


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


After upgrading from CA Top Secret r15 to r16, user written CICS application that user the CA Top Secret application TSSCAI interface to retrieve the FDT INSTADATA field from the security file abends with:

M004: Return of the TSSCAI subroutine 
2AD69EA0 000000 E3C3D7D3 E5F5D3F1 C1C3C9C4 D5C1D4C5 TCPLV5L1ACIDNAME 
2AD69EB0 000010 40404040 40404040 40404040 40404040 
2AD69EC0 000020 40404040 40404040 40404040 40404040 
2AD69ED0 000030 40404040 40404040 40404040 40404040 
2AD69EE0 000040 40404040 40404040 40404040 00000000 .... 
2AD69EF0 000050 D6D2C4C5 7ED9F188 40404040 40404000 OKDE=R1h . 
2AD69F00 000060 00400000 04000000 00000000 00000000 . .............. 
2AD69F10 000070 0000C4F0 F3F6F8F6 F040C3C9 C3D7F4C1 ..D036860 CICP4A 
2AD69F20 000080 F240E6C1 D9D54040 4040E2C3 C1404040 2 WARN SCA 
2AD69F30 000090 4040C4F0 F0F4E9F9 F9F5D4F0 F0F44040 D004Z995M004 
2AD69F40 00


Component: TSSMVS


At the Top Secret r16 level we merged the functionality of the CICS application interface program TSSCAIN into the program TSSCAI for performance reasons. We also updated the sample job TSSCSD to reflect the requirement for program entry TSSCAI to be executed in CICS key "EXECKEY(CICS)" which was previously assigned to program TSSCAIN. We documented these changes in the section CA TOP SECRET Version 16 Product Enhancements, here is the text of those updates: 

TSSCAIN Program Merged into the TSSCAI Program 
To help improve performance, TSSCAIN has been merged into TSSCAI. To access TSSCAIN, you now need to call TSSCAI. 

TSSCICSN Program Merged into the TSSCICS Program 
To help improve performance, TSSCICSN has been merged into TSSCICS. To access TSSCICSN, you now need to call TSSCICS. 

Updated CSD Entries for TSSCAI and TSSCICS to Execute in CICS Key 
As part of defining CICS parameters for the CA Top Secret environment, you can run CAKOJCL0 member TSSCSD to update the CICS system definition (CSD) file. 

In Version 16.0, the TSSCAI and TSSCICS programs need to execute in CICS key. For each program, TSSCSD contains the proper CSD entry that specifies EXECKEY(CICS). For more information, review TSSCSD or review the documentation about CSD PROGRAM and TRANSACTION sample entries. 

You will need to change the TSSCAI program entry in the CSD (this can be done with an online command or in batch) to reflect the requirement of EXECKEY(CICS). This should resolve the ASRA abends in CICS that you are experiencing.