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CA Gen CSE configuration on Windows 2012 with SQL Server gives "Error -1 while running Encyclopedia initialization"


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Running the CA Gen CSE Configuration utility (cse_config.exe) on Windows 2012 with SQL Server gives error "Error -1 while running Encyclopedia initialization".

The error occurs after "Begin applying configuration ... Initializing Coordination tables"

Looking in the cfg and log folders, but do not see any log files that would help troubleshoot the error.



The Gen CSE is a 32-bit application so the 32-bit version of the SQL Server Client (and Tools) needs to be installed and a 32-bit ODBC System Data Source Name (DSN) needs to be created as well as a 64-bit DSN.


Release: CA Gen 8.x
Component: CGCSE


Use the following executable to create a 32 bit ODBC System Data Source Name (DSN) for the CSE databases: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.

Additional Information

1. CA Gen -8.6 > Encyclopedia > Client Server Encyclopedia > Using the Client Server Encyclopedia > Installing and Configuring CSE > Configure Databases - see "Create Microsoft SQL Server CSE Database"

The safest option is to create both a 32-bit and a 64-bit DSN for both Coordination and Encyclopedia Databases or for the single Database if that combined option is being used

2. It was also noted:

"Have tried configuring with Windows authentication vs. User Id and Password" 

The CA Gen CSE Configuration/install does not support Windows Authentication and need to use SQL Server (Userid and Password) Authentication.