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14.1 Disable sending email regarding SC-request SLA Breach


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How to Disable, sending email message on SC-request SLA Breach

In CA Service Catalog(SC), you can set an SLA on a service option.
When a request for that service option has been created, the SLA is activated.
When the SLA breaches, a message is being send.
The question then is: How to Disable, sending that email message?




The answer to this is:
1. Login to the SC UI with spadmin-role user

2. Goto Administration>Events-Rules-Actions>Rule list

3. Open Request SLA Alerts
>> Two rules appear:
a. When a Request SLA Instance is violated
b. When a Request SLA Instance is warned

4. Disable a and b from within this list.

5. Open 3a (click on it)
And the rule details show: Email Alert for Violated Request SLA
5a. Disbable this one
5b. And repeat this for 3b.