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Considerations with an external SORT program upgrade for CA Roscoe


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The customer is using SYNCSORT, not DFSORT. And they have a plan to upgrade it from v1.4 to 2.1.
Does CA product execute the SORT program ?
If YES, does it use the external SORT program(DFSORT/SYNCSORT and etc...) ?


Does CA product execute an external SORT program ?





CA Roscoe does not use an external SORT program.
But, you can use an external SORT program to perform the sort of AWS data by the SORT command.

Additional Information

The SORT is a user-contributed Monitor command.
If SYS1.SORTLIB is not defined in the system link list library (member LNKLSTxx in SYS1.PARMLIB), it must be added to the member PROGnn to run the SORT Monitor routine.
Also, if the SORT Monitor routine is used at your site, you must specify a SORTLIB and six SORTWKnn DD statements.
(These DD statements are included in the CA Roscoe JCL generated during installation.)