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How can we change the ID of a Task when we have auto-numbering enabled?


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In PPM, you can set the ID of a Task to be auto-numbered when the task is created. We have this setting enabled, but we need to make a change to one or more of our task ID's.

How can we make a change to the ID of a Task when auto-numbering is enabled?


All supported PAS releases.


When auto-numbering is enabled for the ID attribute of the Task object, all Task ID fields become non-modifiable. 

In order to make an edit to the ID of a task when auto-numbering is enabled, take these steps
  1. Navigate to Administration > Objects > Task > Attributes tab
  2. Click on the 'ID' attribute
  3. Click on the 'Auto-numbering' tab
  4. Uncheck the 'Auto-numbered' checkbox

    <Please see attached file for image>

    The setting for the auto-numbered setting
  5. Save and Return
After that, you can make any necessary changes to your task ID's. Once that is done, be sure to re-enable the auto-numbering functionality so new created tasks are auto-numbered.


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